Monday, January 19, 2009

Green Leh

It was June, 2006 and I was in Ladakh.... It was my first trip where I had started photography... and the pictures are still very dear to me... This one was taken while leaving Leh and going to Pangong Lake... The greenery amidst the barren rock is a real treat to my eyes everytime i see this...

Give me RED!!

I got a taste of real cherries when I was in US.... but i liked best just to see them... their redness had a sensuous appeal...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Say Fishhh!!

A Fishy Affair

It was nice calm morning of thursday the 8th... and leaving the warmth of my bed at 7 am (!!), I headed off to the Versova fishing colony. The sight was really appetizing (at least to all sea food lovers), but the stench had its own repealing effect.
Well, call it passion or madness, we stayed and clicked... (the photos, with the place & with the people).. Here's some of our aromatic moments