Friday, July 31, 2009

and I am 26 :)

:) .. these pics are certainly not clicked by me :P ....   Nothing great about it except the bon-homie :) ... and a very small sneak peak into what happens on birthday nights... there are a series of activities between the first and second pic for which no photos shall ever be available :)

LipSmackingly Good!!

Indian cuisine is never complete without snacks. Any nook and cranny of this vast country will have something to tingle your taste buds. Aloo Tikki (a dish with mashed and half-fried potato with lots of yoghurt, spices, sauces, mint, chillies ......... so on) is a classic snack. Along with that, samosa (the triangles) is another delicacy. 
This picture is of a stall at Juhu Beach, Mumbai.