Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mondy's Mario

Cafe Mondegar, a very popular cafe near Gateway, Mumbai is also famous for the wall murals done by Mario Miranda - the legendary cartoonist with the inimitable style.


Sanjay Rangnekar said...

This mural was not done by Mario Miranda... it had his inputs and blessings but was executed by Badri Pujar, a classmate from J.J. School of Art. Badri Pujar passed away in a tragic train incident in 2004.

RajC said...

Dear Sanjay, Badri was a very dear friend of our family in the late 80s. For years we had no news of him, not even anything via Google. Today I looked him up again, just randomly, to see if there was anything, and came across your comment. I know the incident happened 9 years ago, but it has come as a very big shock to us. Very, very sorry to hear this. We have absolutely wonderful memories of Badri. He was my art teacher, and friend.

Princess Parneet said...

can I have the same thing printed for one of my wall? what are the legal implications? please advice ASAP